We are ecstatic to announce the completion of our first mural in our #WaterWrites series! “Cuidela” (Take care of her) was painted at Kipp LA Prep, 2810 Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles, with support from SPARC Murals and MTN Colors.

WaterWrites LA Mural

Local artists Ricardo Estrada, Raul Gonzalez, Vyal Reyes and Erin Yoshi created the visuals of Los Angeles’ relationship to water. The imagery includes a Water God (Tlaloc) and Goddess (Chalchiuhtlicue), water carriers who travel long distances to collect water, reclamation of water from corporate interests, and effects of pollution on the environment. The mural’s brilliant colors bring warmth and life to the neighborhood.

WaterWrites LA Mural

Kipp’s science teacher, Baron Yu, centered his curriculum on water as a finite resource months prior to the workshops. Students learned about water issues on a global scale, taste tested various bottled waters, and practiced translating ideas into visual images.

Mobile Mural Lab, a one stop mobile museum, led KIPP students in painting a mural on the outside of the truck.

WaterWrites LA Mural

The mural unveiling was a neighborhood celebration. Taco trucks like Don Chow lined the parking lot, the Department of Water and Power set up a table to pass out information, and soulful music filled the air by DJ Spinorita and DJ Moni. Families, students, community members, and friends came together to celebrate the hard work and dedication of everyone who participated.

WaterWrites LA Mural

Special thanks to:
Wenz, Carlos, Felipe, Kristy, Self Help Graphics Youth, Serena, Roy Yoshioka

Photos copyright Pablo Serrano.

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