Name: Erin Yoshi
City of Origin: Los Angeles
One word to describe yourself: Grinding

Erin Yoshi

1.What keeps you doing what you do?

It is my form of expression. It is the longest constant in my life, so I will do it ’til I’m old and grey.

Erin Yoshi

2. What advice do you have for new or young artists out there?

Remember to have fun and enjoy the ride.  There is no set formula. Brett Cook once told me, “Creativity is how you make your life, not just the things you make.” I take this into account a lot as I think of how to make this sustainable.

Erin Yoshi

3. How did art become a central part of your life?

When I realized I wanted to do this with my life, I committed fully to it.  My continual struggle now is how to make it happen, and that changes and evolves all the time.

Erin Yoshi

4. What/Who is your inspiration?

Creative weirdos, dreamers, justice seekers, and loving warm, make-you-smile people.

5. Why is art crucial for the up-and-coming generation?

It’s a healthy outlet to process and respond to our world.

6. Do you have any painting rituals?

I dance around when I paint.  It helps me stay loose and flow.

7. How is your art linked to your struggle for justice?

My mural projects are community based, so they carry the messages of those involved.  I was an activist before calling myself an artist so that continues to inspire my work.

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