New beginnings start with forgiveness.

Kūlanihāko‘i: Pond of Inspiration which pours inspiration and guidance on all of us, and also signifies the inspiration that everyone poured into the mural.

Hoʻokupu:  The ho’okupu signifies the Hawaiian culture and this part of the mural depicts the passing on of traditions and cultural practices to the next generations; the younger generation should receive our culture as a gift and view it as a blessing rather than a burden.

The lava and the ocean represent the making of new land and symbolizes new beginnings.

The wave alone is there to show that we should be like a wave and overcome the obstacles in front of us to move forward.

Koa & Kukui Tree: We visited these trees on our huaka‘i to special places in Anahola. These particular trees are located at a heiau near our school and are actually several trees that have wrapped around each other and live as one.  These trees, not only represent strength and enlightenment (Koa and Kukui), but they symbolize unity, and overcoming differences and forgiveness in order to live and thrive as one.

Honi: Breath of life (Uncle Estria’s mana’o???)

Nā ‘Iwa: (not sure if you needed to include ALL mana’o or just the major ones…these were male and female birds and were around the entire duration of the mural, but feel free to deleteJ)

“Pohā Mai Ka Lani” by: Kanani Kahaunaele

Pohā mai ka lani I Hikinaakalā
I Hikinaakalā ao maila ka pō
Mālamalama nei pulapula
I ka ili a ka la, i ka pā ka Hauola
A ulu aʻe ka manaʻo
I ka wai ua ʻeloʻelo
Kūlanihākoʻi la ʻea
E noke mau ana i ka piʻina i nā kō
ʻIke akeakamai a me ke aloha
Kanu ʻia la i ka pono
E ulu mau ai ka maopopo pono e


The heavens burst at Hikinaakalā
At Hikinaakalā day overcomes night
The descendants are enlightened
From the cast of the sun and the touch of the Hauola breeze
And we come inspired
From the drenching waters
Of Kūlanihākoʻi
Persisting on the ascent of fulfillment
Of seeking knowledge, love and respect
Let righteousness be planted and cultivated within
So that our clear understanding grows forever

Aloha ʻĀina Mural

In this mural each letter shares something of importance to Anahola.

In the letter “A” are two hands which represent the connection and lōkahi of Papa and Wākea, Earth Mother and Sky Father.

In the letter “L” there is kalo with the people taking care of it as it was a staple food of the Hawaiians and one of the most valued crops.  It is also believed to be the eldest brother of the Hawaiian people.

The image in the letter “O” tells of the belief that Anahola was a place where new spirits would enter into this world, like a portal, based on stories from our kūpuna.

“H” also tells of a story, but one about a mo’o wahine who lived by and protected the river.

The pōhaku, or rock, that is depicted in this letter A is located at the heiau near our school where we also saw the large Koa and Kukui trees.  In a place where time seems to stand still, we were told that this pōhaku was used to measure time.

In the following “Ā” there is an image of a shark swimming up a river which was inspired by a mo‘olelo said of a shark in the Anahola River.

In both the “I” and the “N,” the images display the mauna of Anahola being wrapped by a lei, or garland, which represents the love the people of Anahola have for their home.

Then in the bottom of “N” and “A,” it shows the hewa, or wrong doings, that we the people should not allow to come, like polluting our aquifers and other water sources important to the life of the land and the life of the people.

Kalalea I Ka Laʻi  by: Kainani Kahaunaele 

Ke kū mai nei kalalea i ka laʻi
Pali kiʻekiʻe la kau mai i luna
Nānā i ka puka aʻo Aolani
I puka maila i ka pāhuna a Kawelo
Wewelo ke aloha no kuʻu ʻĀina
ʻĀina hoʻopulapula o ke Koʻolau
Lau aʻe kamanaʻo a i ka makani
He ulumanaʻo ia e moani nei
Puana kou inoa o Anahola
Halehale ke aloha a mau loa


Kalalea stands tall in the calm
Lofty precipice appearing above
See the hole in the mountains, Aolani
Pierced by the thrust of Kawelo
An intense love for my love
Ko‘olau land of procreation
Numerous are my thoughts in the wind
As the ulumana‘o gently blows hither
Anahola is a name that resounds
With a deep love to last forever

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