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These educational tools are for teachers that are currently involved in a Mele Mural and teachers that are participating in the Mele Mural Professional Development.  The following videos will provide a resource for teachers that may need assistance on implementing a lesson. There are also links to lesson plans that can be implemented utilizing a mural, if your school has already completed a Mele Mural project.

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We Need

Your Help

Your tax-deductible financial contributions provide critically needed support of public arts and placemaking programs in Hawai‘i.

We Need Your Help

Provide Hawai‘i schools with qualified arts educators, cultural advisors and professional muralists to guide students through the Mele Murals process.

We Need Your Help

Provide students with essential art supplies.

We Need Your Help

Helps Hawai‘i communities share their cultural heritage through large-scale mural masterpieces.

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