Our new Hālau Pāheona (school of visual arts) logo has been completed and was designed by Joshua Lake.  Josh also designed our Mele Murals logo back in 2013.

When asked what the meaning behind the Hālau Pāheona logo, Josh replied “Estria (Miyashiro) and I discussed themes of education, spirituality, individuality and transcendence which is all mixed in to the design in some way.

For the Hālau Pāheona project, I was given a fairly liberal amount of freedom to explore themes. The only constraint being to design something in the spirit of the Mele Murals logo. The final design is a great example of breaking from common iconography themes and trends. It’s a very unique logo that will hopefully get people to ponder its intentions.”

On the process of graphic design, Josh noted “The logo design is an iterative process, to generate as many good ideas as you can that help you get close to something that works. It’s good to keep in mind, there are rarely ever shortcuts and the final design is just one of many possible solutions.”

Josh was one of the designers that headed Honolulu based design firm, Airspace Workshop, but now freelance designs from time to time for the Estria Foundation.

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