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Youth Development • Arts Education • Cultural Preservation • Community Building

The Estria Foundation will offer our Department of Education professional development program called “Mele Murals: Integrating creativity, collaboration and critical thinking” for itʻs third summer. This program works to share our theories and curriculum with teachers across the state. It expands our reach to students in various ages and throughout public and charter schools. Participating teachers will work to integrate the components of Na Hopena Aʻo (HĀ) and art into their core content area.

Teachers will participate in a huakaʻi (field trip) to one of the many landmarks of cultural significance on Oahu, which will allow them to connect with the ‘āina and reflect upon the “Hawaiian mind” in how we connect. Teachers will also create a small scale mural to experience the same connection to our culture, our land, and their creative energy. They will participate in daily mindfulness practices and reflect on their learning as a part of the process.

Participating teachers in the Professional Development program will be tasked with taking their learning and reflection back to their schools and implementing it within their own classrooms.  They will be challenged to implement lessons based on:

– Mindfulness and a mandala drawings

– Basic drawing techniques

– Creating a small scale mural based on a moʻolelo (cultural stories) of where teachers work on our islands

Our goal for teachers is to reflect on their teaching and work to integrate mindfulness, creativity, and breathe life into their core content area using art as a medium. We also hope to develop a better connection and sense of belonging to their area.

If you are a Hawaii DOE teacher and interested in taking our summer professional development program during the week of July 22nd through July 25th, you must go to this DOE link to apply and enter your 8-digit DOE Employee ID number.

If you are not a Hawaii DOE employee and would like to register, or have questions on payment, email [email protected]. If you missed our past 2019 summer program, stay tuned for our 2020 session!

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Your tax-deductible financial contributions provide critically needed support of public arts and placemaking programs in Hawai‘i.

We Need Your Help

Provide Hawai‘i schools with qualified arts educators, cultural advisors and professional muralists to guide students through the Mele Murals process.

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Provide students with essential art supplies.

We Need Your Help

Helps Hawai‘i communities share their cultural heritage through large-scale mural masterpieces.

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