About The Estria Foundation

Youth Development • Arts Education • Cultural Preservation • Community Building

The Estria Foundation creates art in public with assistance from artists, youth, educators, and activists. Our goal is to raise awareness and inspire action in the movement to resolve human and environmental issues while educating and developing youth.

Our History

The Estria Foundation was founded in September 18th, 2010 by globally renowned mural artist Todd “Estria” Johnson and technologist Jeremy LaTrasse in Oakland, California. Estria & Jeremy had a passion to start a nonprofit organization that would raise the social consciousness on human and environmental issues through public art projects, education, and community events across the globe.

Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors and partners of the Estria Foundation are an integral part of our programs. Our partnerships stretch across the globe providing a direct link into local communities. The Foundation connects our partner organizations into a larger network building toward a national and international movement.

For information on partnership or sponsorship opportunities, please contact us [email protected].

10 Points of Unity

Our ten points of unity define the politics of The Estria Foundation and guide our work.


Free Speech

We support freedom of expression, without fear of persecution.


We support efforts for people to determine their own future.

Youth as an Integral Part of Society

Youth must be included in decision-making, and be given all opportunities for learning.

Human Rights

We believe in the protection of human rights.


We require engagement from stakeholders and a sense of ownership among the local people where our projects are located.

Racial, Class, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Equality

We oppose racism, classism, and gender and sexual discrimination.

Environmental Consciousness

We encourage environmental consciousness and rally communities’ efforts to ensure the survival of the human race and other living creatures.


Creativity leads to a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, with tolerance, openness, improved problem-solving, and increased self-confidence.

Personal and Professional Development

We believe on-going study makes people more effective leaders for achieving social change.

Corporate Responsibility

We encourage companies to have a positive impact on people and the environment.

Organizational Values

Forgiveness and Trust
Equality and respect for diverse groups and opinions
Efficiency; do more with less
Solidarity; stand together on issues publicly
Agreement to disagree, speak with respect and recognize when it’s time to move forward
Strive continually to improve
Respect; for the office and community
Individual accountability and collective responsibility
Balance, we encourage each other to enjoy all aspects of life
Integrity; be real
Quality; if we do something, we do it right
Remain open to change
Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun

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