Susie is helping us with vision and grant writing in December.

She is experienced in institutional development work and brings a creative vision and a depth of experience with community-based culture. She has worked in community arts programs in the Bay Area over the past twelve years. Susie has created programs at the Museum of Children’s Art, Eastside Arts Alliance, Oakland Leaf, and La Peña Cultural Center. Her experience includes: grant writing and administration; program development and coordination; budget oversight; curriculum development; faculty professional development; and long term assessment planning. She has taught at the University of San Francisco and The New College in their arts education programs. In June 2008 Lundy completed her doctorate in the World Arts and Cultures Department at UCLA where she wrote about political graffiti writers from East Oakland. She is a dancer who has performed with local companies including Malia Movement Company, Contra-Tiempo, Dream Dance Company, Starchild Dance Collective, and Bodirock Culture.  Her work as a muralist has included sites spanning from San Francisco to Senegal, and from Mexico to Venezuela.

She has been helping us form a business philosophy and makes us laugh on the regular!

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